19th May, 2019
719 Yingchun Road, Pudong, Shanghai

Since its emergence in the 1970s, supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) has been gradually refined in terms of function and stability over the years. It has great potential regarding energy conservation, efficiency and environmental protection, but one thing that is really grasping analysts’ attention is its unique ability to separate compounds. Initiated in 2007, Green Chemistry is an annual international conference dedicated to promoting research on and the development of supercritical technologies and sustainable chemistry. The event was held alternately at various venues between the Americas and Europe, but that all changed in 2015, when a sub-session was set up in Asia for the first time. This year, the annual international conference will take place in Shanghai from May 20 to 22. On May 19, one day before things kick off, Waters will be holding a technical exchange to discuss updates to SFC technology as well as SFC’s latest developments and applications throughout various industries. Backed with our exquisite craftsmanship, we at Waters have always been committed to presenting commercial SFC products marked with the highest level of performance and stability. We also hope to work with our clients on dovetailing product performance with lab demands to deliver our shared goals and dreams.
This is why you have been specifically selected and invited to attend our technical exchange, once again on May 19, 2019, in Shanghai.

We have attached a meeting schedule for your convenience.

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